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Good article however i think dents flaws are many for one he’s assuming the petro dollar remains the world reserve currency, in 2000 73% of world reserves were US dollars, today its around 43% and I think it was over 50% prior to the Russia invasion which means its accelerating, inviting the third world to fill up the houses of dead boomers will create horrific third world favelas throughout the us as ten migrants will live in previously one family 2000 square foot homes, I know I have a chinese friend whose parents bought a home in bensonhurst Brooklyn from fleeing boomer italians, then oncethe family was established they started bringing in 10 migrants at a time each with 100 k in cash to buy a second home and after ten years they leave and the first Chinese family gets the home, pricing out anyone with a notmal job, in the late 20th century the US was subsidized by cheap Chinese labor for goods, cheap oil from russia middle east venezuela, cheap local services utilizing Mexican labor all which subsidized the typical orange county boomer lifestyle, there all disappearing, first china will eventually stop sending cheap goods as wages have increased 10 fold since the 80’s, another factor is Xi’s desire for a local consumer economy not reliant so heavily on exports so expect far more expensive export goods, and that’s assuming we dont get into a trade war or real war with china first, south of the border Mexico’s birth rate substantially dince the 70’s barely above replacement levels, so immigrants from mexico has actually fallen in recent years, this has been replaced eith Central Americans asians Africans ect however this mass invasion will overwhelm local services, schools, housing, virtually every aspect of any local community to the point that the welfare they receive will out way any benefits they will give, automation AI, delivery services will make most low skill labor jobs redundant and will cause most of these people looking for government handouts that coupled with an ever shrinking tax paying population, California will become more and more San Franciscoized, untill it implodes, the woke technocrating totalitarian dystopia there setting up will begin to fail the moment it arises as its fundamental ideological flaws will cause cracks immediately, first it abhors meritocracy as one of it central tenets is that all humans are interchangeable widgets with no innate differences, this means maintaining a centralized surveillance state with a million shaniquas posting there delusions manning the helm would make any chinese or russian hacker salivate, the treatment of its vassels in Europe and elsewhere has shone that the GAE will destroy your country if it benefits them temporarily even if it means that by destroying your vassels you will harm yourself, as it doesn’t seem to matter as the GAE is in terminal suicidal decline as anyone who would point out that the emperor has no clothes has been purged decades ago

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