Great piece.

Isn't a good source of counter-elites a restoration of the WASPs themselves? That is, Tucker Carlson's background isn't a coincidence.

Agreed on the overall thoughtlessness of MAGA ideology and organization. Some thoughts on a few components of a coalition & agenda that might work better:

1) Restore the WASPs. The competing "Dem" system is extremely generous to capitalist elites because its proponents don't care if the country is looted. So, its hard to find elite capitalist allies that are motivated to push back against the emergent US system. However, elite ethnic allies willing to work cross-class might work.

Once you notice the extent of historical anti-WASP propaganda from Hollywood, its hard to un-notice it. In hindsight, it was easy to attack the power of WASPs by offering the public (metaphorically & literally) bacon, ice-cream, raunchy entertainment, etc. Dean Wormer is actually the hero of Animal House - it's just that the film is a tragedy and he loses. Perhaps as quality of life continues to erode the public will be more amenable to this message.

2) Make peace with Central American Hispanics, i.e. Mexicans. I don't know the best narratives here, but if Mexicans are democrats then the right is Doomed to stalemate at best. Dem obsession with elevating Africans is a useful wedge, as are perhaps other issues. Pedro Gonzales may be somewhat of a model. The Bushes did fairly well with Mexicans; however, Jeb in particular was too much of a suck-up ("¡JEB!"). There needs to be pro-Mexican stance that doesn't require other Republicans to crawl on their bellies. We figured this out with Cubans - we can figure it out with Mexicans.

3) Aggressively persecute Libertarianism and any sort of "Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative" notions. These ideas are tremendously weak politically and institutionally, and in practice are mostly excuses for dilettantism and corruption.

4) Dismantle the civil rights regime by any means necessary. Richard Hanania has done great work on explaining the key issues here.

5) 40 year immigration moratorium. A primary goal of the Democratic party is to turn the country into an Amazon Warehouse of 50 different ethnic groups. Then, it is impossible for the citizenry to coordinate against highly organized MDMs (that is, Amy Chua's "market dominant minorities"), or advanced capitalist structures like private equity, multi-national corporations, etc. Further demographic change must be halted until a later date.

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There’s no sense discussing political systems. You’re on your own in this world and anyone clinging to politicians to be of any benefit is delusional. They work for their donors, and their donors don’t like to share the loot.

The Amish don’t even bother with voting. They only care for their own, they help each other, they avoid debt and the clown-world moral degradation. They’re winning, they’re growing, they’re healrhy, and they need to be emulated

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Winning over the most intelligent young people is a good goal I think. They are essentially the next in line elites and are capable of administering a new order and defending a new ideology.

One thing I think we need to prepare better is a perennial argument for why one should be pro-White. Reactionary arguments against the woes of multiculturalism should be only part of the moral framework. We need something that is true regardless of the time or place in history. And not a 'should' proposition, but an 'is' proposition. This is how I think we will convince the most people, including intelligent young people.

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