This was apparently written by a blind man. Anti-whiteness is "mostly" only on an "institutional level"? Well, duh. Institutions are how cultures express themselves. For whites to "adapt" to the new non-white majority means to have white culture dismantled, replaced. It is already happening. It also means whites will not enjoy "equal" justice in the courts and legislatures. Schools are teaching the non-white majority students that whites are source of oppression and injustice. Whites should adapt to this? Adapt to our own destruction? The old Romans "adapted" to having Goths in their army and government appendages, and then Rome died.

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You are a good word-smith, and kudos to your prose and style.

Like I said before, however, there is no 'chad centrist', when it comes to issues of existential importance.

Perhaps, as many authors do, your polemics are designed to antagonize the virtual commonsense of your readers - which is not a bad thing - and your positive points are, without doubt, rudimentary truisms, which will give the larger community food for thought.

In general, your points seem to be naive, and definitely are the talking points of a centrist 'conservative'.

Every reader here, who is a product of white European stock, not always knowing the precise historical relationships to their present predicament is, nevertheless, as members of the posterity spoken of in the documents of their ancestors knows, without so much as a hesitation, that they have been, and will continue to be, replaced, not do to their lack of IQ or mean intelligence testing, nor their natural vigor, but to that pernicious, spiteful, jealous and historically cultural-marxist ideology, promulgated by the enemies of the West; this includes, in no small number, the very members of the 'west' who, historially, have always 'gone along with latest and greatest fad', seemingly, at a loss, or lack the ability to defend what is, historically, their own heritage - and making the suffering of their own kind, that much more real.

Institutions have been taken over. Social custom and mores are daily under assault. Government by members of the West are relatively rare, and the eclectic voting body of the congress and sentate of these united states is nothing but 'clay and iron', not good for anything, but to collapse under the weight of the body politic.

There is no other option, but to divorce.

Was this ending planned, or was it simply organic? It matters not.

If our Fathers were able to carve out a majestic raison d'etre, which has lasted almost three hundred years, even as lesser men, are we not capable of the same? These questions have been asked for a generation.

What say you, Western Man?

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Wow, great article, much food for thought.

I am born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I moved to San Diego in the summer of 2009 and lived in the SoCal region (SD, OC, LA counties) until March 2021. I am of Irish-German/Scandinavian, i.e., a fully "pure blood" White American, and that was obvious to everyone as soon as I step foot on Californian soil. Even the Whites that I encountered recognized I wasn't from SoCal. I looked and obviously was a Midwesterner, or at least not a SoCal native. Which, in my mind, underscores the reality of various ethnicities within America. A topic worthy of discussion.

I lived in SoCal for over 11 years, and your analysis is basically spot on in my professional/social experience. What I think most people do not understand is how incredible and amazing the state of California truly is - forget the shitty politics, the trash people, the homeless, etc. - it is and will remain one of the most sought-after locations for those with the means of making that experience or lifestyle happen.

What most impressed me about California - aside from the incredible scenery - was the seemingly endless opportunities. If you are driven, honest, responsible, and at the very least somewhat competent, you can survive in California. In fact, in my experience, that's precisely what they need in California, at least in SoCal.

One factor I think you have not addressed is jealousy. I generally get along with everyone, despite my political preferences or opinions. However, one thing that struck me and continues to strike me no matter where I go is that non-Whites, i.e., the poor, destitute, objectively Third World people that normal people somehow have to work/deal with - are just simply incapable of operating at our level. Some are, of course, but they are few and far between.

I hate to go on about this, but I have much more to say. Are you interested in doing a podcast interview with me? I would love to discuss the realities of California in more detail.

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I would listen to such a podcast.

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While almost entirely in agreement with your prognosis for future demographic and economic trends in California over the next 25 years or so, I think you are a bit too optimistic concerning race relations. The Latin American economic and social model our elites seem to be implementing will only exacerbate tensions further as there is heightened competition for shrinking economic niches for a middle class lifestyle and beyond. I see Asians and Latinos becoming much more aggressive and assertive as they gain more political power and influence. Unless whites start thinking more collectively and 'tribally' in pursuing their interests, they will be shunted aside and rendered to the periphery politically though extremely wealthy whites will continue to be influential individually.

The prognostications of The Dissident Right and White Nationalist scenes for things like race war or complete societal breakdown are rather exaggerated and increasingly hysterical in tone. The future of California will more likely be a North American version of a Caribbean-Latin American society like The Dominican Republic or Brazil. A middle class will exist, largely of Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants. Blacks will all but disappear as their percentage of the population is reduced to low single digits. Poor and working class whites will continue to be pushed out of coastal urban areas though may survive in certain enclaves with more innovative housing policies. The remainder will retreat to the extreme north of the state or leave for other states, or join the swelling ranks of the homeless.

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how many young elite white dudes in ca are turning down hot latino or asian chicks b/c they are trying to preserve white heritage? sounds like you are out of touch!

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I am a native Californian who moved out of the country about a decade ago. You raise a lot of good points especially that California is not necessarily following the standard dissident right scenario.

However, you underplay:

1 the role that systemic anti white hate will have on the relations between whites and other minorities. Young people are being trained to hate white people from kindergarten. A lot don't really buy into it but realize that is how the game is played. That is why you see so many Asian women voicing hatred for whites. It is the smart approach.

2 the potential impact of lowering all standards so that blacks and women benefit. That will not impact the upper class directly but it will impact the basic functioning of running the nuts and bolts of the society.

I am curious to see the impact of reparations for blacks on the mindset of Hispanics and Asians. White women will love it but Asians and Hispanics don't like blacks and approach those issues from the perspective of - what is in it for me?" Maybe they will also push for reparations but they may also push California to be less woke just like they voted against affirmation action recently.

Also, if the GOP wasn't so corrupt and stupid, they would court working class Hispanics because they have more in common with working class and middle class whites than they do with the woke. That could make the GOP a force in California again. But nah won't happen

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I have always said this could be the key to turning California much less blue; GOP must advertise the Democratic Party as the party for black people. Right or wrong, most Hispanics dislike blacks. But the GOP is too dumb.

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I truly hope hateful and sickening articles like this ignite white people into acting.

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Latinos are a mixed bag. There is a growing lower middle and middle class through more joining skilled trades, government jobs, health care, but many will remain in the unskilled semi-skilled labor sector. California tourism, retail, agriculture, and service industries rely on cheap brown labor and do not see this changing soon. For lower level service and middle class professions alike, especially at entry level, Latinos are direct competition for poor and working class whites. Another mild criticism of your analysis I will raise here is that you leave any scenario of California splitting up and fragmenting out of the picture. Could you not envision social, political, economic, and ethnic/racial tensions not contributing to various secession movements throughout the state, not all of them conservative or RW oriented by any means? I see a strong possibility of California splitting into possibly 3 different states, one of which might have a demographic white majority, perhaps The State of Jefferson.

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