People push the race grift because it works. They will keep pushing it until it stops working. In order for it to stop working whites are basically going to have to become more cynical ethno-centrists. Then you can have something like Mutually Assured Destruction for racial grifting.

Basic needs is an endless category. Healthcare as basic right. Education as basic right. Look at a graph of CPI in these industries. Once something is a basic right the government has to provide it goes all Baumol Cost Disease and swallows the economy.

If something is produced by a robot on and assembly line then in theory it could be part of UBI. But if its a service provided by a human being (and in the case of education and healthcare, and above average IQ human being) then its supply is inherently limited. You can't produce any more of it, and you can't get the price down. All you can do is constantly bid up the price of above average IQ labor and siphon it away from more productive areas of the economy. Nothing could have less ROI then government paid for marginal education or healthcare spending at this point.

In a way the entire race/inequality grift comes down to this. Actual reparations are unpopular (for good reasons). But services, always provided by leftist oriented above average IQs, can claim that what they do has a positive ROI so it's OK. The problem is that reality shows that the claimed ROI isn't there, and the ROI is worst on the kind of marginal spending expansions all Ponzi schemes need to survive. The twin failures of education reform and healthcare spending <> health outcomes makes the cognitive dissonance unbearable. You either have to admit it was either a failure/grift or go full zealot. Hence the Great Awokening.

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In a nutshell, you're advocating for separate but equal, except not in the 1950s sense, but more like Singapore's careful management of racial harmony, which although imperfect, intelligently and relentlessly attempts to balance individual, group, and national identities and needs. Or perhaps Singapore x Switzerland. I don't know. It's a very hard thing to pull off and there aren't many successful examples to draw from. However, I suppose we have no choice but to try as the die is cast. Godspeed Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, and others that can see beyond the current binary.

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hasn't "implicit bias" been debunked? don't your "implicit bias" tests come back with a different result every time you take them?


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