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What timeframe do you see on this?

I see two big problems:

(1) the "Regime" has interest in (deep commitment to) keeping Whites disorganized, defensive, and the object around which to rally their coalition in opposition to (the White-Christian-heterosexual-male "class enemy"). This system has been stable for your and my entire lives so far. (It's not really true that there was some huge cultural shift in the 2010s, I think people misinterpret this.) Key "Regime" figures and those who come up through the system and obsequiously drift towards Power all understand this. To confront this system and amend it to allow White interest-advocacy would be to destabilize it. To NOT do that means there is no Right-Wing Multiculturalism possible at all.

(2) Whites really ARE disorganized, not seeing themselves as one people. This is the legacy of heavy immigration of past eras, the problems of which were warned of by the restrictionists of their day. Whites even now identify with their predominant ancestral, religious, and general ethnocultural identities, and some groups deliberately nurse a sense of grievance of outgroup-ism, and I don't just refer to one specific group of influential non-Christians usually classed White. To say this more simply, I submit the rhetorical question: "What is 'White'?"

The fact that no version of this has happened even in California, the most de-Europeanized state of all (unless you count the unusual case of Hawaii), suggests it would be hard anywhere.

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