I am just commenting on the headline, the rest in a waste of time. The "right" wants the future based on laws and that needs decent folks. The left wants whatever it wants that day. Order or disorder, you choose.

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Ever notice those who call everyone else racist are in fact the only ones who are actually obsessed with race?

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There are two basic thought questions that need to be explored with absolute dispassionate scrutiny.

How would the United States have developed if it never indulged in slavery?

How would the African continent have faired if there never was slavery?

These are obviously thought questions but should be explored, nevertheless.

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A great many more West African slaves were sold in South America, Central America and the Caribbean than in North America and slavery persisted elsewhere around the world, including within Africa, long after it was made illegal in the US.

Many different races have been enslaved in many different countries through human history. Furthermore slave and slave owner were often the same race. In fact even in the US more than a few free black men owned slaves commercially, some of them very wealthy with large slave holdings.

The US outlawed the West African slave trade more than half a century before the US Civil War even started and was in fact one of the first countries in the world to make slavery illegal, with Britain and France doing so somewhat earlier. Subsequently Britain, France and the US (particularly Britain) committed naval resources to a largely failed attempt to stop the West African slave trade to South America. The historically pervasive scourge of human slavery is much broader than you seem to be suggesting and actually has relatively little to do with the US.

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