I remember when Tulsi Gabbard ran for president and I thought:

"She's considered the *best* candidate that Democrats have?! She should be the worst one, surrounded by nothing but far better choices."

Similar with Tucker. Perhaps he should be the worst, as he barely scratches the surface of what is really going on. But in the current mainstream Right, he is the best.

And yet, he was one of my "gateway drugs". Before I delved deeper, I liked hearing him talk and question official narratives. Maybe there are legions of people in this space whose first exposure to dissident thought was Carlson.

On an instictual level, I like him, and find him genuine. Nothing about him screams "globalist satanist detected". The bar is low these days.

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I generally like Tucker on economic populism, immigration, and especially, foreign policy. He is far from perfect but fighting the good fight against The Deep State warmongers, Israeli Lobby, and neocons.

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May 31·edited May 31

At this point, , and especially now that Trump is a felon, the natural leader of the American populist right would be Sean Strickland . A pity he is barely literate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2G_WQgiYZU notice the Tshirt


With this example I implied: horseshoe theory. Let the populists be low IQ and have Strickland, while let the ALt Right be high-IQ and have Spencer or Fuentes or whoever is the rage atm.

Keeping with this horseshoe inspired partition of duties/zones of influence, let Tucker get the midwits as he's doing right now. Seems perfect to me

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Jun 1·edited Jun 1

Out of the interview in the second link, it is possible to tell -from the defiance with which he addresses topics like racism and LGBT-cultural dominance- that had he been literate, Strickland would have gotten to the J-question already long time ago. Instead, he is stuck in Civic Nationalism.

It's still formidable though that he was able to break free from most of the cultural left-wing brainwashing of the current Zeitgeist, by his own penchant for free-thinking

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