Suicides did not decline during the pandemic. Just the opposite. They increased faster than Covid did.

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If you accept that we're entering a period of collapse, where are the self sufficient refugia, from a holistic perspective? France and Texas stand out. Strange times and bedfellows.

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History never ended, nor did the 24 hour news cycle

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In a way, Fukuyama was right. The end of the Cold War was indeed the End of History, if by 'history' he meant the battle for Big Ideas.

Battle for Big Ideas ended. All that was left in the New World Order was the battle for power, wealth, and privilege. And as Ideologies lost their luster, the new rallying points were idolatrous than ideological: Blackness, Jewishness, and Homosexuality, the trinity of global 'wokeness'. Why are the three favored uber alles? Blacks dominate sports, pop music, and sex, and so are regarded as superior. Jews are most intelligent and pushy in personality, and wrap themselves around holy holocaust narrative. And homos are tireless in their power-lust, privilege, and vanity; they are neo-aristocratic.

So, there are no more ideas. Only the Tri-Idolatry of Jews, blacks, homos, and this Tridolatry is pushed on the whole empire of the West. So, there are 'homo' parades in Ukraine, BLM signs in Korea, and Jewish centers in China and India.

But some civilizations are pushing back against this Jewish-led hegemonic enterprise. They see through the veil and see that it really amounts to Jewish supremacist ambition for world domination.

Fukuyama was right about End of History as meaning end of battle for Big Ideas.

Where he was wrong was that he believed the ideology of Liberal Democracy and Free Markets would be most dominant. No, the most dominant force following the End of the Cold War was Jewish Supremacist control of the West. And the most powerful world force is Jewish drive for hegemony and supremacy. Notice Jews deny all goy nations their nationalism but then force all goyim to support Jewish nationalism in Israel.


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