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The establishment GOP has a lot of control over the Gop agenda due to fund raising. Either you go along with the agenda, or you are cut off.

There is a huge disconnect between the establishment GOP and their voters. They say one thing to get elected, and pivot after elected. John McCains “just build the dang wall” and his actual vote shocked me.

Jan 6 seems like a set up, using a lot of useful idiots, with a few instigators (Ray Epps for one). A modern day Reichstag Fire. And it shut down and investigation into the election. Shades of Russiagate. Beautiful political hit job on Trump.

WAs the election fortified? As that Tine Magazine article documented. Through means fair and foul, it appears so. Unfortunately you are not allowed to question the propriety of the 2020 election.

Trump got zero recess appointments. It would have taken only 1 Senator to stop the unanimous consent required to keep the senate in session. That tells me a lot about Trumps support by Gop Senators.

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