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Anatoly Karlin talks about his intellectual restructuring

Anatoly Karlin talks about his intellectual restructuring

How Putin made him a Globalist

Robert Stark talks to Anatoly Karlin about his political transformation, as well as the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, and the timeline for the singularity/AGI. Anatoly Karlin used to blog at Unz until 2021, and has a new substack blog, Nooceleration, focused on Artificial intelligence. Follow Anatoly on Twitter.

Anatoly’s ideological transformation from a Russian nationalist to a neoliberal globalist, and why he has no use for the Right
Anatoly’s prediction that the Ukraine war would happen in December, 2021 (referenced in New York Times), though he was wrong in predicting that the war would be short
Why the war will likely remain a stalemate, unless there is some technological breakthrough
Anatoly’s disillusionment with Putin’s Russia
Why neutrality is the sane position for both the Ukraine vs Russia and Israel vs. Gaza conflicts
Why large-scale escalation of the Mideast conflict is unlikely in a conventional timeline, though an AGI alignment timeline increases the risk
Is the Israel/Gaza War the end of the Liberal-Zionist Alliance? (Woke anti-Zionists hate Israel/Jews due to their Whiteness)
Whether wokeness is waning and being replaced by outright establishmentarianism
Anatoly’s correct prediction that the election would be Trump vs. Biden, and why he still predicts that Biden will win
Why Anatoly is more bearish on China’s economic and soft power after previously being a China bull
Reasons to be relatively bullish on the US, primarily because its the center of AI
Why the culture wars are unimportant looking at the big picture
The major problems with AI accelerationism
The economic impacts of AI and crisis of overproduction
Why the solution to AI is not government regulation but rather investing in the biosphere, plus reforming the hardware based on a public blockchain