“Oy vey fellow right wingers, embrace multiculturalism”

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The entire US immigration debate hinges on a constitutional birth right citizen which guarantees automatic citizenship to anyone born on Americas soil (IIRC this was passed post civil war to settle the question of citizenship of freed slaves). However this law continues till date and it’s use / abuse has not been studied by any group (apart from Trump who called this out)

This birthright citizenship can be though of as follows - anyone can become an American! While this sounds naive, I have met quite a few American friends across both the spectrums who believe in this ideal. While it’s definitely an ideal, reality is it takes a generation or two for any group to fully assimilate into any society.

Now why is this even relevant- because everything in America is a business and so are the people. If you can’t get something done locally, you import ! Hence different groups don’t want to work within the populace but rather get outsiders (like me) as they are anyway a net beneficiary and more malleable.

(Anyone who makes it to American workforce is financially better off than where they came from)

Unless this core issue of automatic citizen ship is addressed, there can be no meaningful reform on immigration. But to do this also requires a totally honest introspection by all parties.

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All my Hispanic friends are right wing. They're also all veterans. They're definitely in the category of "civic nationalist assimilation". They abhor wokism and how the left panders to BLM. I think the way to get a multicultural right is to have immigrants settled in hardcore red states and counties. Like Orange County the Vietnamese are hardcore Republicans. In Texas the Hispanics are more conservative than California.

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