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Schizo Chat with Salmonfish

Schizo Chat with Salmonfish

Robert Stark talks with Salmonfish about Bronze Age Pervert, art, metaphysics, philosophy, politics and economics. Salmonfish is a Renaissance man, Avant Garde artist, and Passage Prize winner from Ohio. Follow Salmonfish on Twitter/X.

Raising memes to an artform
Online political tribes as an American adaption of old-world feudal entitlements
Robert’s article, Selective Breeding And The Birth of Philosophy
The pros and cons of Bronze Age Pervert and Curtis Yarvin
Debate about meritocracy vs caste or proportional inequality
The Artist/Shaman archetype
Intersectionality of the smart but poor
Conspiracy theories as explained by a collective subconscious or conspiracies of instinct
Pioneering work in the treatment of mental illness with psychedelics
How metaphysics, genetics, psychology, and politics intersect
Spiritual science and near death experiences which are legit but often theologically contradict
Salmonfish’s esoteric take on Christianity
Why Dualism is needed in spirituality, psychology, and politics
Disillusionment with Trump/MAGA
Why most politics is sexual
The state of the economy and economic transition (explanation for the Great Reset)