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Robert Stark interviews Shane Bugbee about Transgressive Art

Robert Stark interviews Shane Bugbee about Transgressive Art

Robert Stark and Francis Nally (aka Pilleater) talk with Shane Bugbee about Satanism, transgressive art, serial killers, and cancel culture. Shane Bugbee is from Chicago, and is an artist, publisher (Michael Hunt Publishing), filmmaker, true crime journalist, friend of Anton LaVey, and was the last priest of the old guard, Church of Satan. Shane has a new book out on the founding of the Satanic Temple. Follow Shane on Twitter/X.

Shane’s media coverage, including from Spin Magazine and E! True Hollywood Story regarding Dana Plato
Different interpretations of Satanism
Why Shane considers Satanism an artform but not ideological/political
Hollywood adopting Satanic icons for shock value
Avant Garde Hate and the Angry White Male Tour
Aleister Crowley’s occultism and Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy
Transgressive art as the chaos magic of today
Correspondence with serial killers in prison, including Dorothea Puente, John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez
Collecting and selling serial killer and true crime memorabilia
Netflix’s Dahmer,  and the Dahmer/The Silence of the Lambs connection
The role of sexual repression with serial killers and mass shooters
Jim Goad, Adam Parfrey, Boyd Rice, and Peter Sotos
The Mike Diana Obscenity Trial and pre-internet cancel culture
The pre-internet vs current counter-culture