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Robert Stark interviews Jack from The Perfume Nationalist
Robert Stark interviews Jack from The Perfume Nationalist
Aesthetic Nationalism, 80s Malls vs. 2010s neoliberal minimalism, faux bohemianism, Camille Paglia, Perfume, Las Vegas, Madonna, and David Lynch.

Episode recorded May 2020.

Robert Stark and Matt Pegas talk to Jack from The Perfume Nationalist podcast. Check out Jack on Twitter.


Nationalism as an aesthetic brand, selling perfume and soap opera visions to the right
Re-appropriating “queer culture”
Camille Paglia
Trump as a performance art aesthetic brand despite his standard neoliberal policies
Beauty equality vs. an upward value of aesthetic excellence
The aspirational quality of 80s aesthetics
How 2010s neoliberal minimalism conceals wealth and power while erasing history
The elite charade of fake bohemianism
How to time travel with perfume
Las Vegas as the last frontier of scented opulent public spaces
Jack’s affinity for 80s pop icon Madonna
Jack’s defense of the artistic integrity of Lena Dunham
David Lynch’s success at synthesizing surrealist art, perfume adds, and nighttime soap
Jack’s Perfume recommendations

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