Jun 12 • 1HR 9M

Robert Stark interviews Indian Bronson about decentralization, Post-Americanism, and future political systems

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Politics, culture, social trends, and future trends.
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Robert Stark talks to Indian Bronson about  decentralization, Post-Americanism, and future political systems. Subscribe to Indian Bronson’s Substack and follow him on Twitter.


Indian Bronson’s Hindu background and his thoughts on the culture and politics of the Hindu-diaspora in the West
Critical Race Theory and its Discontents: the ineptitude of the IDW
The rise in alternative institutions and questions of loyalty to normal patterns of living
Post-Americanism and Rightwing Multiculturalism
The future of caste and emergent tribal identities in America
The wane of US geopolitical soft power
Millennials as a lost generation
The economics of human relations