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Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about Why No Collapse is the Real Dystopia

Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about Why No Collapse is the Real Dystopia

Kevin Lynn interviews Robert Stark about his article, No Collapse is the Real Dystopia: still waiting for the Big Collapse. This recording is a simulcast for Kevin’s Institute for Sound Public Policy’s YouTube channel, recorded on June 13th. Kevin Lynn is executive director of the Institute for Sound Public Policy and Progressives for Immigration Reform, and founder of US Tech Workers. Follow Kevin on Twitter.


Revisiting past predictions about economic collapse, the current stagnant vibes,  and return of bullish copes about the economy
John Michael Greer’s Not the Future We Ordered and his theory of catabolic collapse
Research predicting future cycles of collapse by Peter Turchin, Neil Howe & William Strauss’ Fourth Turning, and the Kondratiev wave
Reponses to the article , including a re-publish on ZeroHedege, and a critical response from Jeet Heer
Those who are psychologically invested in collapse
The pros and cons of being a perma bear, and Kevin revisits the 08 crash
How the bears will be vindicated in the long run, due to unprecedented levels of debt
The impact of demographic cycles on politics, social strife, and the economy
The scope of the migrant crisis which is unprecedented in American history, and Michael Yon’s reporting from the Darien Gap
Janet Yellen’s statement, expecting a slow steady decline of the dollar
The exodus out of California 
The Hard Times Create Strong Men meme 
Speculation about the Trump incitement and 2024 election